XZ simply stands for Xristo Zentrisch or Christo Centric.

We are a diverse community coming from different cultural and ethnic
backgrounds, bound by a common faith and on a journey of discovery.

Our rhythm is pretty simple:
A Common Reading
We share daily a common reading that guides us along our
journey. The Sacred Script is our main source, but we read the
works of other sojourners as well.
A Common Commitment To:
LEARN: From the teachings of Jesus
CARE: For one another and the world around us
OBSERVE: With our eyes, ears, and hearts
DISCOVER: God, self, and others
LIVE: As examples of love, givers of grace and advocates for the helpless

XZ Berlin

ELEMENTAL IN BELIEF our community centers our daily lives around the person and teachings of Jesus Christ. Faith, Hope, Love, Grace, The Sacred Script, Worship, Prayer, Justice, Generosity, Hospitality, and Celebration are all desired elements of our existence.

RHYTHMIC IN PRACTICE the elements of our existence produce a life rhythm that marks our journey, which is felt, as in an act of kindness, and heard, helping others understand Jesus’ message of hope or advocating for the poor, by those God places in our daily lives. Our worship flows out of this rhythm – the practice of the teachings of Jesus, a lived out message of reconciliation.

COMMUNAL IN CONTEXT we are intentional when it comes to community. As with the first followers of Jesus, we too are connected to one another by a life rhythm that brings out the very best in those who join us in the journey. We take care of one another and extend that care to our friends and neighbors. We make sure to set aside time throughout the week to gather and celebrate the goodness of God, share our discoveries, understand the sacred script, pray together and remember the promises of Jesus.

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