“Final Solution of the Jewish Question”

Today marks the 70th anniversary for the Wannsee Conference. On January 20th, 1942, fifteen high-ranking Nazi Party and German government officials gathered at a villa in the Berlin suburb of Wannsee to discuss and coordinate the implementation of what they called the “Final Solution of the Jewish Question.” Although by early 1942, hundreds of thousands had already been murdered, the meeting set in action the systematic murder of 6 million European Jews.

As you read through the bios of those who participated in this meeting you find men who grew up in good homes, going to church, educated, many attaining higher degrees, with families of their own. And yet 70 years ago to this day, the conversations that took place in the villas grand dining hall, reduced a people, created in the image of God, to less-than-human status, leading these fifteen men to the darkest recesses of evil.

Today, German President Christian Wulff said, “This place and the name ‘Wannsee’ has become a symbol for the bureaucratically organized decision between life worth living and life not worth living, for state-organized extermination, for the planned and official systematic killing of Europe’s Jews,”

Sadly, it seems that we, the human race, still have much to learn from this historical event, because many of the conversations that are taking place today echo the same sentiment, branding some of God’s creation “less-than-human.”

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