Christmas, Waffles & Prostitutes

It’s the Christmas season, a time of year to rediscover the real meaning of this celebration. In doing so, it’s important to reflect on values, ours and those in the culture that surrounds us. It’s a time of learning and it seems that we learn something new everyday.

Today, we learned that prostitutes over on Kurfürstenstraße love waffles. The NeuStart Café, where Rhonda serves, had a small Christmas celebration today. Rhonda, along with our neighbor Ruth, brought waffle batter, powdered sugar and a waffle iron, and spent the day making waffles…much to the women’s delight!

As these women enjoyed their treat, many of them talked about the memories that the waffles brought back…..memories of grandmothers, mothers and family celebrations. Then it was back to the reality of their broken lives where genuine worth and affection are rare commodities.

Several of us dropped by the café this afternoon to wish all a Merry Christmas. As we looked around the room, we were reminded that a prostitute is actually a part of the Christmas story. She’s right there in Matthew chapter one, listed in the genealogy of Jesus. Her name is Rahab.

Perhaps Rahab never ate a waffle, but like you, me and the women who work on Kurfürstenstraße, she held a special place in the heart of God himself as His precious creation. And therein lies true worth and affection waiting to be discovered.

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